The Red Programming Language

Published on (Updated: 02 May 2020)

Welcome to the Red page! Here, you'll find a description of the language as well as a list of sample programs in that language.


According to Wikipedia, Red is a full stack programming language inspired by Rebol. Of course, Red was designed to eliminate many of the issues found in Rebol. For example, Red can be used on a much wider array of tasks from system programming to scripting.

In terms of features, Red offers strong metaprogramming utilities much like Racket. Naturally, these utilities allow for language dialects. For instance, Red has a language dialect called Red/System which is basically a C-level version of the language.

Another cool feature of Red is that it doesn't depend on any third-party libraries except for the Rebol2 interpreter. Eventually, the developers plan to bootstrap Red to eliminate all dependencies.

I suppose I wouldn't be doing Red justice if I didn't mention that the toolchain can cross-compile to several platforms including MS-DOS, Windows XP, Linux, MacOS, and Android (list is non-exhaustive).

Also, fun fact: the entire Red toolchain is contained in a 1 MB executable. Now, that's awesome!