The Red Programming Language

Published on (Updated: 02 May 2020)

The Red Programming Language

Welcome to the Red page! Here, you’ll find a description of the language as well as a list of sample programs in that language.


According to [Wikipedia][1], Red is a full stack programming language inspired by Rebol. Of course, Red was designed to eliminate many of the issues found in Rebol. For example, Red can be used on a much wider array of tasks from system programming to scripting.

In terms of features, Red offers strong metaprogramming utilities much like [Racket][2]. Naturally, these utilities allow for language dialects. For instance, Red has a language dialect called Red/System which is basically a C-level version of the language.

Another cool feature of Red is that it doesn’t depend on any third-party libraries except for the Rebol2 interpreter. Eventually, the developers plan to bootstrap Red to eliminate all dependencies.

I suppose I wouldn’t be doing Red justice if I didn’t mention that the toolchain can cross-compile to several platforms including MSDOS, WindowsXP, Linux, MacOS, and Android (list is non-exhaustive).

Also, fun fact: the entire Red toolchain is contained in a 1 MB executable. Now, that’s awesome!