Longest Word in Go

Published on 19 March 2023 (Updated: 19 March 2023)

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Current Solution

package main

import (

const errorMessage = "Usage: please provide a string"

// longestWordLength returns the length of the longest word
// in a string. The words in the string should be separated
// by spaces, tabs, newlines, and/or carriage returns.
func longestWordLength(str string) int {
	words := strings.FieldsFunc(str, isLimitedWhitespace)
	return longestStringLength(words)

// isLimitedWhitespace returns whether a rune is one of four
// whitespace runes: ' ', '\t', '\n', '\r'
// Note that this is NOT equivalent to unicode.IsSpace which
// includes addtional whitespace runes
func isLimitedWhitespace(r rune) bool {
	return strings.ContainsRune(" \t\n\r", r)

// longestStringLength returns the length of the longest string
// in the slice
func longestStringLength(strs []string) (longest int) {
	for _, str := range strs {
		if len(str) > longest {
			longest = len(str)

func main() {
	if len(os.Args) < 2 || len(os.Args[1]) == 0 {
	} else {

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