Longest Palindromic Substring in Euphoria

Published on 26 February 2023 (Updated: 26 February 2023)

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Current Solution

include std/io.e
include std/types.e
include std/text.e

-- Find longest palindromic string using matching array
-- Source: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/longest-palindromic-substring-using-dynamic-programming/
function longest_palindromic_substring(sequence s)
    -- Initialize array indicating whether there is a character match
    -- between two characters to indicate that nothing matches
    integer n = length(s)
    sequence matches = repeat(repeat(FALSE, n), n)

    -- Indicate all length 1 strings match
    for i = 1 to n
        matches[i][i] = TRUE
    end for

    -- Convert string to lowercase
    sequence t = lower(s)

    -- Find all length 2 matches
    integer start = 1
    integer max_len = 1
    for i = 1 to n - 1
        if t[i] = t[i + 1]
            matches[i][i+1] = TRUE
            if max_len < 2
                start = i
                max_len = 2
            end if
        end if
    end for

    -- Find all length 3 or higher matches
    integer j
    for len = 3 to n
        -- Loop through each starting character
        for i = 1 to n - len + 1
            -- If match for one character in from start and end characters
            -- and start and end characters match, set match for start and
            -- end characters, and update max length
            j = i + len - 1
            if matches[i + 1][j - 1] and t[i] = t[j]
                matches[i][j] = TRUE
                if len > max_len
                    start = i
                    max_len = len
                end if
            end if
        end for
    end for

    return s[start..start + max_len - 1]
end function

procedure usage()
    puts(STDOUT, "Usage: please provide a string that contains at least one palindrome\n")
end procedure

-- Error if 1st command-line argument is missing is empty
sequence argv = command_line()
if length(argv) < 4 or length(argv[4]) = 0
end if

-- Get longest palindromic substring. Error if none found
sequence s = argv[4]
sequence longest = longest_palindromic_substring(s)
if length(longest) < 2
end if

-- Show longest palindromic substring
printf(STDOUT, "%s\n", {longest})

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