Hello World in Powershell

Published on 28 May 2018 (Updated: 15 May 2023)

Welcome to the Hello World in Powershell page! Here, you'll find the source code for this program as well as a description of how the program works.

Current Solution

Write-Host "Hello, World!"

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How to Implement the Solution

Let's get something working! 😊

To execute this code, open a PowerShell console on any Windows machine as it comes installed by default. You'll see the reply output in the window like so:

[20:35:40]:Alcha$ Write-Host 'Hello, World!'
Hello, World!

As is the case with most modern scripting languages, getting a Hello World sample running is really easy.

How to Run the Solution

Instead of running the commands directly within the console though, write your scripts in a file and call the file when necessary. Download a copy of the HelloWorld.ps1 file from the repository and open a console.

Now, navigate to wherever you downloaded the script and execute it by calling it like so:


This calls the script and returns the output to the console:

[20:35:40]:powershell$ .\HelloWorld.ps1
Hello, World!

And, that's it!