Hello World in Euphoria

Published on 14 February 2023 (Updated: 19 February 2023)

Welcome to the Hello World in Euphoria page! Here, you'll find the source code for this program as well as a description of how the program works.

Current Solution

include std/io.e

puts(STDOUT, "Hello, World!\n")

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How to Implement the Solution

The syntax of Euphoria is similar to C in some respects but without braces and semicolons, and the include statement does not have quotes or angle brackets around the file that is being included.

include std/io.e

The std/io.e include file contains the definitions for standard I/O file numbers. STDOUT, as expected, has the value of 1. While it is not necessary to include this, it makes the code more readable since the intent of STDOUT is more obvious than just a hard-coded value of 1.

puts(STDOUT, "Hello, World!\n")

The puts function is similar to the fputs function in C, but the parameters are reversed. The first argument is the file number. The second argument is the string to output. In C, the first argument is the string to output, and the second argument is a FILE pointer.

How to Run the Solution

If you want to run this program, you'll first need to download a copy of the Euphoria interpreter, and follow the installation instructions. From there, open a terminal, and run this command:

eui hello_world.eu