The MATLAB Programming Language

Published on 02 May 2020 (Updated: 18 May 2022)

Welcome to the Matlab page! Here, you'll find a description of the language as well as a list of sample programs in that language.


MATLAB (short for MATrix LABoratory) is a high-level programming language initially released in 1984. It markets itself as an easy-to-pick-up tool for scientists, engineers, and economists to do some serious number crunching.

The development of MATLAB started in the 1970's when a computer science professor, Cleve Moler, developed the language, so his students could use snippets of code for solving linear systems and obtaining eigenvalues/eigenvectors (LINPACK and EISPACK respectively) without having to learn Fortran. Moler's creation was immediately popular for its ease-of-use, interactivity and expandability and sports over 3 million users world-wide.